Designer: Natalie Fonrose | Photography: Ikenna Douglas

El Dorado

Designer – Natalie Fonrose | Photographer – iKenna Douglas

Even though El Dorado is yet to be discovered, our conquerors believed this great city of wealth can be found somewhere in the interior of Guyana. The gold and diamonds found in Guyana signifies the wealth and riches so many had lust for over many centuries.

Costume Prices

Frontline – USD $650.00
Includes: Body wear, wings, tiara, necklace, legs, thigh pieces, cuffs
Backline – USD $450.00
Includes: Monokini, tiara, necklace with feathered arm piece, wristbands, thighs
Add-ons – N/A
Male – USD $350.00
Includes: Board shorts, head band, belt, neck piece, arm pieces