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May 18th - 26th 2018.

Restaurants & Bars

The Rock Restaurant & Bar
If you are a local foodie fanatic, this is the place to be! How about a scrumptious bite at the most beautiful, open-air setting coupled with a freshly made smoothie or a cold beer of choice. Whichever way you prefer it, The Rock caters exceptionally!
Tel # 592 227 0580

The Original Palm Court
For a great taste of local cuisine, pop by at Palm Court! Enjoy food diversity in a fresh, open air setting, an experience that will have you returning for more! Need a drink? They have you fully covered!
Tel # 592 231 8144

Bistro Cafe & Bar
Offers a chilled & Relaxed Vibe with an Amazing Menu, Along with tantalizing daily entrees, Wines, Cocktails and Coffees by Nespresso.
Tel # 592 225 8634

Shanta’s Puri Shop
You simply cannot visit Guyana without sampling our famous Puri/roti & curry! This is Shanta’s specialty among many other amazing locally-inspired cuisines! They truly live up to the hype for local dishes.
Tel # 592 226 4365

Aroma’s Café (Pegasus Hotel)
This all-day dining Restaurant with local and International flavors, offers Buffet Breakfast and Lunch along with an exciting light fare menu. It is an ideal setting for a business meal or just letting the steam off with your friends and family.
Tel: 5922252853

Betten’s Court
Located in Durban street, this is definitely a GT favorite stop for everything food! Enjoy local dishes, pastries and freshly made local juices!
Tel # 592231 1368

Tower Poolside
For amazing, daily lunch varieties and a massive Beer & Burger special on Fridays, be sure to hop over to Tower! They won’t disappoint.
Tel # 5922314728

White Castle Fish Shop
Buss a midday lime over a plate of hot, sizzling fish & fries, deeply fried to perfection! And while you wait, sip on a cold, refreshing banks beer! Two great staples offered at the well-known Fish shop.
Tel # 592 2230921

Fireside Grill & Chill
Known officially as the grill bosses of the town! Grab delicious servings of chicken, meat & seafood & veggies, grilled to perfection! Sample the burger goodness while you’re at it!
Tel # 592 681 9306

This restaurant presents electric and expansive Indian repertoire, bursting with flavors and originality, as a multi-sensory dining experience! Savor everything Indian-inspired.
Tel# 592 2190161

Grand Coastal Hotel & Restaurant
This food stop is certainly a big contender for tons of Guyanese! If you’re looking to dine in an upscale setting, matched with delicious food & exquisite surroundings, Grand Coastal restaurant is definitely your stop.
Tel# 5922201091

Royal Restaurant- International Cuisine & Teppanyaki Restaurant (Princess)
Japanese food prepared right in front of you! What’s better than dinner & a show, where the meals are scrumptious, the ambience is just right& the chef is super courteous!
Tel# 592 265 7001


Bird Watching

For birders, Guyana has over 877 migrant and resident bird species for visitors to see.

Sports Fishing

Guyana’s fresh waters are bursting with fishes. Often called the “Land of Many Waters” or the “Big River Country”


Whether you are on Regent Street or in Charity Village, shopping should never be omitted from your itinerary while in Guyana.


Dining in Guyana is all about our eclectic cuisine, ambience and impeccable services.


The best tours in Guyana as awarded by millions of travelers.

Night Life

After you've had your day fill of fun, it's time to check the vibrant and diverse night entertainment that awaits you.


The Amazon Rainforest of Guyana provides an amazing trekking experience.

Community Tourism

The Indigenous communities of the Amazon Rainforest in Guyana offer a unique community tourism experience.