Guyana Carnival is a privately owned festival in Georgetown Guyana, during May 20th – 27th. It’s an amalgamation of influential entertainment bodies, the Government of Guyana and other key stakeholders to create a new exciting product to boost tourism, entertainment, and nightlife in our emerging city.

It will attract thousands of tourists, locals and carnival chasers daring to indulge in something new and exciting.

What to Expect

A premium Carnival Experience fused with flavors of Guyana and the Caribbean creating the perfect ambience for carnival chasers, tourists and locals to celebrate!

The perfect getaway for you and your crew! Discover the unspoilt beauty of Guyana with its fascinating, sites, tours, and experiences.

The biggest celebrities, entertainers and dj’s come together to deliver new experiences.

All Inclusives and Concerts to Cooler Fetes, Breakfast Parties and Boat rides we have you covered.

You can’t play mas and fraid powder; we stink and dutty in Georgetown!

Everything you love about Carnival. Costumes, Glitz, Glamour and Revelry.


Experience Guyana Carnival at an extensive range of accommodation types including resorts, hotels, lodges and guesthouses. Find accommodation that will provide the comfort of vacationing in the pristine rainforest, intimate hideaways, business or luxury hotels in Guyana with an enticing Guyanese style and hospitality. Book your stay now to experience the hottest event in May 2019!


Bird Watching

For birders, Guyana has over 877 migrant and resident bird species for visitors to see.

Sports Fishing

Guyana’s fresh waters are bursting with fishes. Often called the “Land of Many Waters” or the “Big River Country”


Whether you are on Regent Street or in Charity Village, shopping should never be omitted from your itinerary while in Guyana.


Dining in Guyana is all about our eclectic cuisine, ambience and impeccable services.


The best tours in Guyana as awarded by millions of travelers.

Night Life

After you've had your day fill of fun, it's time to check the vibrant and diverse night entertainment that awaits you.


The Amazon Rainforest of Guyana provides an amazing trekking experience.

Community Tourism

The Indigenous communities of the Amazon Rainforest in Guyana offer a unique community tourism experience.


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