Discover the Realm of Eternity


Designed by Lauren Austin | Photographer Dwains Visuals | Marketed by Genesis Carnival

Frontline: (1x Feathered Headpiece, 1X pair of arm sleeves, 1X necklace, 1X Wire Bra, 1X panty, 2X pair of leg pieces, 1X pair of feathered leg piece) $450
Add on: Large Backpack $200

Backline: (1X Headpiece, 1X Chain necklace, 1X shoulder piece, 1X padded bra, 1X waist belt, 1X high waist panty, 1X pair of wrist cuffs, 1X pair of leg piece ) $325
Add On: Feathered Leg Pieces $125

Male: (1X pants, 1X belt, 1X shoulder piece, 1X head band, 1X face mask) $250

What’s included:
Premium road experience
Free premium drinks
Breakfast & Lunch
Bathroom Facilities
Music Truck⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Photographers ready
Makeup Touch up zone
Genesis Goodie bag
Drink Mug
Foot & Back Massage at Lunch stop
Access to Stink & Dutty Jouvert
Access to the official Feters after party
And of course your costume!


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