Utopia Xperience

Utopia seeks to revolutionize your carnival Xperience, with exclusive offerings. You will receive:

  • Access to Utopia Truck 1 (as long as capacity allows)
  • Separate Costume Distribution
  • Ultra-premium liquor on the road
  • Gourmet Meals
  • Energizing Snacks
  • Upgraded Goodie Bags
  • Mobile Utopia Lounge for Frontliners and Queens ( as long as capacity allows)
  • Extensive DJ Line Up
  • Roaming Photographers and Videographers
  • Foot Massage (Rest Stop)
  • On Site Paramedics
  • Executive Bathrooms
  • Privatized Security
  • Utopia Cocktail Cart
  • Unlimited shots
  • Access to the official after party
  • Access to Stink & Dutty Jouvert
  • Makeup Touch up Zone

In addition, All Utopia Masqueraders of Thailand & Dubai will receive a complimentary ticket to attend Rize & Vibe Breakfast Fete slated for Monday 25th May 2020 at 8am with access to the VIP lounge.

Our aim is to provide you with the ultimate carnival Xperience. Utopia gives all Dubai and Thailand masqueraders an Xclusive and elite Xperience on the road!


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